In Linwood, NJ, minutes from the Jersey Shore you'll find one of America's oldest pet cemeteries. And it also has a very interesting distinction: famous pets and pets of the famous are buried there. Situated in a quiet suburban neighborhood, the Clara Glen Pet Cemetery was established in 1918 by Clara and Glen White. The couple owned numerous pets — 45 dogs, dozens of cats, and over 300 rabbits.

When they scouted the area to find a suitable resting place for their beloved animals and found none, they started one of their own in their backyard. Some of the luminaries who are reported to be resting there are Petey from “Our Gang” and Rex the Wonder Dog, the amazing waterskiing dog from the legendary Steel Pier in Atlantic City. Additionally, many celebrities who performed in nearby Atlantic City had their beloved pets buried in Clara Glen including Irving Berlin, Eddie Cantor, and Billie Burke.

Although Cara Glen is the final resting place of nearly 4,000 pets, today, the only interments allowed are those of K-9 police dogs from neighboring Atlantic City. It's become something of a tourist attraction, with pet lovers from all over coming to pay respects to the over 3,000 dearly departed dogs, cats, horses, monkeys, rodents, birds and other animals buried there. I can barely understand the attraction of live rodents, let alone the graves of dead ones, but if you care to visit, take a drive to 2147 Shore Road in Linwood. The cemetery is lovingly maintained by the Linwood Historical Society.

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