Tuesday night’s State Of The Union address was a mess all around. I’m not picking sides here. After a divisive impeachment trial President Trump could have offered something in the way of uniting a nation. Instead he gave one of the more politicized SOTU addresses ever that played more like a re-election ad. He appeared to snub Nancy Pelosi by refusing to shake her hand.

But it was Pelosi who truly dragged it all into the gutter. Immediately upon the conclusion of the speech, knowing she was on camera, she methodically tore section after section of a hard copy of the speech Trump just gave in half.

I’ve never seen this before.

For a leader in a political party that constantly points out Trump’s failure to act within norms it seemed utterly hypocritical. If this president isn’t living up to the presidential model and not respectful of the office he holds, how is Pelosi living up to any level of respect by shredding the address?

The two party system is an epic failure. The hard right and the progressive left bickering with each other to this tit for tat point of embarrassment. The left and the right are forgetting that by definition a middle is implied, and that vast middle is being ignored in this nation. It is time we had a viable third party.

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