"Peeps" have long been a part of the Easter Season!  Just enjoy them.. and try not to think what LOTS of these sugary, marshmallow "chicks" can do to your teeth...and your waistline!Although urban legends exist saying that Peeps are indestructible...they're made from sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, and various color food dyes.

While they are mostly found in Easter Baskets...the "Just Born" company in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, likes to think of Peeps as always in season...now making Peeps for Valentines Day, Halloween and Christmas!

My aunt in St Louis always buys Peeps by the truckload after Easter....and send lots back to her sister (my mother)...who lives just outside Bethlehem P.A....so she's actually buying them in the American Heartland, and shipping them home...where they were "born."

I'm sure that there will be Peeps with my name on them, the next time I drop in on my mom!

Over the years, I have come to believe that there are two "types" of Peeps (literally and slang figuratively):

"Peeps" who like their peeps "fresh" and those who like them a little more...aged.

I know where I am on this one...I'm a "fresh" kinda guy.

How about you?

Take my Peeps Poll:

What color Peep do you like best? What color(s) do you put in Easter Baskets?

Thanks for "chiming in," my "peeps!"

Now, go brush your teeth!

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