Imagine bringing your songs to your songwriting workshop at Princeton University only to have them critiqued by Paul McCartney! That's what happened when the former Beatle showed up via Zoom using the name "the student" on Feb. 16 at Professor Paul Muldoon's "How to write a song" workshop.

Muldoon, who is editing McCartney's new upcoming biography "The Lyrics 1956-Present" and co-teaches the class with visiting lecturer Bridgit Kearney, according to The Daily Princetonian, announced that a new "test student" would be listening to their songs. The article quotes student Liam Seeley, “At first his camera was off and all we heard was a distant British voice."

Then Muldoon introduced the guest as Sir Paul McCartney and the former Beatle promptly turned on his video, leaving his Zoom name as “Test Student.”

The article says that for the next two hours, "McCartney listened to and critiqued songs written and produced by each of the class's eight bands — randomly assigned groups of four to five students that create a song every week."

Professor Muldoon was impressed with Macca's teaching skills.

Maybe for his next trip, Paul could show up and play at The Stone Pony?

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