The U.S. Secretary of Labor joined me on Thursday to share the good news from the White House that help is indeed coming your way. Secretary Eugene Scalia had a calm, measured and important message from the president. Unlike previous administrations in times of crisis who tend to ‘bail out’ the millionaire elites and the rich banks, this administration is sending money directly to your bank account.

Secretary Scalia pointed out the commitment to the American worker from this president started from day one. Scrapping the bad NAFTA deal and replacing it with trade deals that encourage and empower companies to stay in the U.S. and employ Americans instead of shipping jobs overseas. Taking down onerous regulations which prevented many companies from expanding and succeeding. The president’s policies for three strong years cut unemployment, raised the percentage of employed Americans, increased wages and created a stock market rise which helped everyone from young workers to retirees.

Then we got hit with the so-called Wuhan-Virus.

The panic on the part of local politicians, shutting everything down from restaurants to yoga studios, and gun shops, was way beyond the recommendations from the CDC and many important and smart people who deal with infectious diseases. But it happened. And America grounded to a halt.

To help businesses survive the shutdown, the president acted. Small businesses can now access money through the Small Business Association to borrow money to pay rent and payroll. Individuals will be getting a check from the IRS. Imagine, money flowing from the IRS, find out how much HERE!

While our government in Trenton continues to trample on your civil liberties as if the First and Second Amendments don’t exist in New Jersey, and the feckless GOP minority in Trenton is nearly silent, the Trump Administration is acting on your behalf.

Thankfully some local law enforcement leaders have pointed out just how dangerous it is to release criminals from jail. Thankfully a few political leaders have stood up to demand the state reopen gun shops and enable citizens to exercise their constitutional rights, but for the most part, in New Jersey, we’re on our own. Thankfully, as Secretary Scalia said to me Thursday on the broadcast, “help is on the way.”

"Eugene Scalia is one of the most qualified people ever confirmed as Secretary of Labor. He will use his skills as he has over the years—and he has built an extremely distinguished career—to fight and win for the American workforce." – President Donald J. Trump

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