Literally, I thought I was being punished by the universe having to sit through Gov. Murphy's entire State of the State address:

More taxes, (of course). Ten years to maybe fix NJ Transit. Small business-crushing mandates like minimum wage -- which of course will cost entry-level folks jobs and even those lucky enough to stay employed ... Think you can live in New Jersey on $15 an hour?!?

The worst part was that he used the speech to hit Trump -- as if the attorney general and Murphy suing Trump will make New Jersey safer and more affordable. He's doubled down on illegals getting licenses, free education and legal aid -- all on your dime.

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He made sure to make a huge case of covering Planned Parenthood -- they were free to turn down $8.8 million dollars from the federal government because Murphy promised them $9.5 million of YOUR NJ tax dollars.

You couldn't have scripted a more left-of-center, out-of-touch-with-citizens-and-taxpayers speech if you tried. The good news is that there is a growing opposition to Murphy, and I suspect there will be a credible candidate to emerge from a likely crowded GOP field in 2021 to take on and send Murphy all the way back to Boston.

I had a good conversation with New Jersey GOP chairman Doug Steinhardt Wednesday:

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