The Garden State has some odd laws on the books right now and while some other states may have the same or similar statutes, it’s probably okay to look at them at say, “Only in New Jersey,” for comedic value if nothing else. Monday the full General Assembly will vote to eliminate some of these antiquated laws.

Detaining a homing pigeon? Illegal in NJ (Flickr User: Mike Miley)

A small sampling of laws and topics that are on the chopping block and would be eliminated if the full legislature approves the measure and Governor Chris Christie signs it include:

  • Sale of spray paint without a posted sign warning juveniles of the penalty for graffiti;
  • Permitting a stallion to run at large;
  • Permitting a bull to run at large;
  • Rams trespassing or going at large during a specific period each year
  • Delay or detainment of a homing pigeon;
  • Public drinking cups and infectious disease concerns;
  • Permitted movement of persons with venereal disease from one jurisdiction to another;
  • Separation of debtors and criminals in prison;

Yes, these are all still valid laws in the Garden State today.

Even if these statutes are eliminated it’s probably not a good idea to let your stallion, bull or ram run at large, but most people would think it’s okay if you want to delay a homing pigeon or two.