💲The MTA's Board of Directors is expected to vote on congestion pricing Wednesday

💲A list of exemptions has grown

💲Several lawsuits including one from New Jersey could delay implementation

Additional exemptions to congestion pricing have leaked out ahead of Wednesday's expected vote on the plan by the MTA board of directors.

The plan would add a minimum of $15 to the cost of driving in Manhattan below 61th Street.

Reports by several media outlets including ABC 7 Eyewitness News say the MTA will add exemptions for private carrier commuter buses that keep a regular schedule, which would offer relief to New Jersey bus lines.

Yellow school buses under contract to New York City and city-owned vehicles would also be exempt.

Employee shuttles run by private companies would not be exempt.

There may be other exemptions added, according to reports.

Congestion pricing prices
Congestion pricing prices (Canva)

Gottheimer: MTA doesn't care

U.S. Rep. Josh Gottheimer, D-N.J., 5th district, said the relatively small list of exemptions shows the MTA does not care about "hard-working commuters" in New Jersey or New York.

"They just want to take hard-earned dollars from Jersey families, including nurses, teachers, law enforcement, labor, you name it," Gottheimer said in a statement reacting to the leaks.

The MTA has stated it hopes to implement the plan before summer but several lawsuits have yet to be settled.

A lawsuit filed by New Jersey was in a mandatory settlement conference earlier in March.

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