The final curtain fell last Saturday night on, "Springsteen on Broadway". The show which according to playbill took in millions each week in box office revenue, not counting the countless merchandise. Not bad for the boss who claims in the show to have, "never held an honest job in my entire life." BTW- Don't forget the reported 20 million Netflix paid him for the rights. I'm so glad I just bought a smart TV.

What "Springsteen on Broadway" also does, is open up the door for other classic rockers who don't want the rigors of touring anymore. Who would rather stay in one place, tell their stories which their fans have heard before, but never sitting in the same room before. Play a few songs and rake in the cheddar. It's much easier to do that when you're, in say your 60's and 70's, rather than hit the road. For the right act, there's too much money on the table not to do it.

So I asked, who you would like to see "On Broadway" and here are some of the names you've come up with along with my thoughts:

Brett S. Harrison says Billy Joel.
That would make total sense with Billy being so close. Of course he could end each night with "See The Lights Go Down On Broadway."

Paul Venier says Paul McCartney.
Paul would be great on Broadway, in fact, he once, "gave his regards to Broad Street," He loves show tunes and is great at telling stories. Maybe he even brings in a young "Beatles" trio as part of it.

Hershel Horn says Will Smith.
One of the only to have a hits on television, music, film etc. Smith's story would make for good box office with wide appeal coming from all who know him from those venues, plus he can act.

Chris Swendeman says Jon Bon Jovi.
He could make his entrance on a steel horse, take us through the 80's and he too has acting chops.

Jay Goldenberg says Charles Barkley!
I'd buy a ticket to see that every night! Imagine Sir Charles, just sitting up there riffing on what he's thinking at the time. Barkley's the one person left in this world who can say whatever he wants and get no backlash. That's probably because he doesn't care. If only everyone could be like that...
Steven Wright says Ringo Starr.
Absolutely! "Ringo on Broadway," would be great because he doesn't take himself or the Beatles so seriously. There would be lots of his friends and lots of fun. He too has acting chops.

Who would you want to see on Broadway?

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