NJEA President, Wendell Steinhauer joined Deminski & Doyle in studio yesterday to discuss the results of the PARCC Test for NJ students.

There was a great debate in the months leading up to the PARCC testing by parents and educators alike as to whether New Jersey should be one of the seven states to take part in the testing. Parents were concerned that their children would not be prepared on how to take the test, and educators were concerned that they were not properly prepared to teach their students how to take the PARCC exam.

Now that the results are in, it looks as if parents and educators had a reason for concern as the first year's results showed that students are below where they should be in both Math and English.  At any grade level, no more than 8 percent of students actually “exceeded expectations” in math. In English, no more than 18 percent exceeded expectations, with Grade 7 outperforming all other grade levels.

Will there be a future PARCC testing for NJ students? When Deminski asked if the PARCC Test is going to become permanent, Wendell Steinhauer simply replies, "I hope not."

Hear the full interview with NJEA President Wendell Steinhauer above.