Move over Napa Valley, here comes New Jersey wine.

Tour NJ Wineries - Turdo Vineyard & Winery (
Tour NJ Wineries - Turdo Vineyard & Winery (

In fact, the Garden State's wine exports have surged 50 percent in the past five years.

In 2007, New Jersey's vineyards exported about $8 million worth of wine. In 2012, the 40-plus vineyards in the state grew that export to $12 million worth of product.

The increase in out-of-state sales has made New Jersey one of the top five fastest growing wine exporters, along with Pennsylvania, Florida, Wasington State and Oregon.

"It's really comparable to Bordeaux country, and it allows New Jersey vintners to make the same type of wines that are made in Europe that have gained notoriety," Tom Cosentino, of the Garden State Wine Growers Association, says.

He adds that a big factor is the sandy soil here.

New Jersey still hasn't quite found its niche among out-of-state wine connoisseurs, but one expert says in Asia, where there's a lot of conspicuous consumption, they are always seeking something unique, something their neighbors haven't found yet.

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