Every Friday we honor a NJ police officer who has gone above and beyond the call of duty as our #BlueFriday honoree. This week's honorees are three NJ State Troopers who saved a woman from a knife-wielding man.

Sgt. Bill Cisko, along with fellow troopers Rick Nugnes, and Rob Hunt responded to a call where upon arrival at the scene found, Christopher Davidson, lying on top of a woman, holding a knife to a her throat. After Davidson ignored orders to drop the knife, the troopers had to take action to get Davidson away from the woman.

Sgt. Cisko joined me on air Friday to talk about how they saved the woman without using deadly force. According to Cisko when he was explaining how they subdued Davidson said "Rick got to him first, causing separation between the two and Bob and I were able to wrestle him to the ground, Rick grabbed the knife. It was really quick. It just kind of worked out well for everybody."

I find it amazing at how the training and instinct police officers and troopers have kick when they are called to situations like this. I asked Sgt. Cisko specifically about this case and how dangerous it really was. Sgt. Cisko stated, "It was definitely was one of the hairier ones that's for sure. It happened so quick. What we had going for us that morning I think was that he was distracted. He saw us coming in and that made him a little more aggressive to the woman. But he didn't turn his focus on us so we were abel to get to him."

On a more general note, I asked Sgt. Cisko about whether or not it is harder nowadays to be in law enforcement. "There's definitely a different atmosphere. There's a lot of doubt, a lot of mis-trust. I think we're working everyday, I think everybody in law enforcement works everyday to not only do our jobs but to just make sure everyone understands what we're here to do and kind of restore that trust with the public."

Listen to my entire interview with Sgt. Bill Cisko in the YouTube clip above.

Thank you to Sgt. Bill Cisko for joining me on the air and a special thank you to Cisko and our two other #BlueFriday honorees including Troopers Rick Nugnes and Rob Hunt.

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