Rebecca Kniffin was trapped between two SUVs this summer when she was rescued by five officers from the Marlboro Police Department. There had been a crash between a Cadillac Escalade and a GMC Envoy, and Rebecca was trapped in the back seat of the Envoy, stuck between the two vehicles when the officers arrived.

According to the Marlboro Police Department, the responding officers were Lt. John Loyer, Patrolwoman Donna Gonzalez, and Patrolmen Adam Mattei, Colin Murray and Robert Kelly. They managed to get her out just as flames engulfed the car.

Her father, John Kniffin, told CBS 2 New York, “She broke multiple bones, she punctured her lungs, she had second-degree burns on her legs. Because they acted so fast, she got out of the car before sustaining more and more damage.”

Rebecca got to thank the officers personally at a ceremony honoring their life-saving heroism; all five officers received a medal of valor from the 200 Club, a non-profit organization, as well as proclamations from local and state leaders. Lt. Loyer told the Asbury Park Press having Rebecca there in person to thank them was the best part, saying that it “brought tears to our eyes because on that day we didn't know what was going to happen."

Rebecca spent fifteen days in the hospital and underwent multiple surgeries, but she is fine now and was able to be part of the ceremony and say “Thanks” in person.

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