Assemblywoman Shavonda Sumter, leader of New Jersey's Legislative Black caucus is calling for an investigation into the history of slavery in this state and possible monetary reparations. 'Givernor' Murphy says he's "open minded to it."

Of course he is. He wouldn't want to appear racist if he told the truth about what a divisive, pointless and stupid idea it is. Where would the money come from? Many New Jersey taxpayers' ancestors came to this country long after slavery had been abolished, like mine. Should we be responsible, financially for something we not only had nothing to do with, but neither did our ancestors?

NJ Senator and Presidential candidate Cory Booker has called for reparations in his campaign. Some of Booker's ancestors were slaves and some were slave owners. The same for other prominent African Americans like Barack and Michelle Obama. Both have slave owners in their family history.

How about the white people who's ancestors died in the fight to abolish slavery. Should they receive reparations? The issue of reparations comes up every couple of years and it's always controversial. Slavery is a horrible scar on the history of this country. The people who keep pushing this issue continue to try to re-open a wound rather than learn from the mistake of racial division. The issue does nothing but divide people and no amount of money is worth the acrimony and resentment this issue and the people who push for it, creates.

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