State Sens. Joe Pennacchio and Mike Testa joined me on the show Thursday morning to talk about their fight pushing back on vaccine mandates.

As you know there is a growing number of people joining the fight to push back. Many of you were on the front line with us fighting to stop the New Jersey elites from eliminating the religious exemptions for vaccines. We won that battle, and now have to gear up to fight again. This time it's about recognizing natural immunity and stopping the seemingly endless and destructive mandates.

Many people who are vaccinated still oppose the idea of mandates. And many more who are considered "fully vaccinated" today are concerned that their status will change if they do not get the booster.

Enter two courageous New Jersey senators who are taking the science seriously and fighting back locally.

Natural immunity

One thing completely missing from the conversation is the idea of natural immunity. Dr. Marty Makary from Johns Hopkins has been talking about natural immunity for many months. He discussed natural immunity among more than half the population back in February at a time when only 15% had received a vaccine. Dr. Makary was one of the first doctors to publicly discuss COVID herd immunity in America, estimating back in April that more than 200 million Americans had contracted and beat the virus.

Enter two courageous New Jersey senators who are taking the science seriously and fighting back locally. Testa has been fighting for medical freedom since December 2019 when he joined the fight to preserve New Jersey's religious exemption. Pennachio was bold enough to bring in scientists, doctors, and nurses to demonstrate the science behind the opposition to mask mandates. He was taken down from YouTube for that defense of liberty. Thankfully I was able to keep the video alive through my Rumble site.

Now, the pair of freedom fighters are taking a stand to fight the current mandates by trying to force the recognition of natural immunity. They are in good company with medical doctors and they both joined me on the show this week. Here's an excerpt from the New Jersey Senate GOP website explaining the fight and the support of science:

“We don’t think anyone should be discriminated against due to their vaccination status, personal health decisions, or desire for medical privacy,” said Pennacchio (R-26). “However, to the extent that Governor Murphy and others have imposed burdensome vaccine mandates already, we believe those requirements should be based on science and recognize the significant protection and natural immunity that results from a person’s prior COVID-19 infection.”

The senators said a growing body of scientific evidence supports incorporating the consideration of natural immunity into public policy, which could impact nearly 1.2 million New Jerseyans who have had confirmed or likely cases of COVID-19, as reported by the state dashboard.

You can listen to my interview with the senators below:

Know this, we have just begun to fight.

Will science and logic prevail? Or will the current majority continue to trample on your rights driving more and more New Jerseyans away?

Know this, we have just begun to fight. This is a good first step and with your help pressuring your senator to join this fight, we can win. Find your senator here. Call them and tell them to support the Pennachio/Testa bill.

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