🚔 An IT coordinator for the Pemberton Township School District has been arrested

🚔 He's charged with trying to lure a student to a park for sex

🚔 Authorities say he bought condoms on his way to a local park

PEMBERTON TOWNSHIP — A 34-year-old IT coordinator for a school district in Burlington County is accused of trying to lure a student to a local park for sex.

Christopher Perry, 34, of Brown Mills was arrested at a local park on Friday, Burlington County Prosecutor LaChia Bradshaw said. He is charged with second-degree attempted sexual assault, second-degree enticing a minor, third-degree child endangerment, and fourth-degree attempted criminal sexual contact.

Perry works for the Pemberton Township School District as an IT coordinator.

He reached out to a 15-year-old female student, who goes to school in the district, through Snapchat in July, prosecutors said. The girl's parents called school officials who then went to the police.

Christopher Perry (BCPO)
Christopher Perry (BCPO)

A detective with the BCPO posing as the girl then continued messaging Perry, officials said. Perry "described in detail" what he wanted to do to the girl physically and then set up a meeting at a park in Browns Mills on Friday, authorities said.

Perry was arrested at the park. The prosecutor's office said that he was seen buying condoms at a drug store on his way to meet the girl.

Bradshaw said the case was an example of how easy it is for predators to contact children using technology.

“I commend the parents of this young girl for reporting this interaction. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is for parents to be aware of what their children are doing online," Bradshaw said.

Perry is being held at Burlington County jail.

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