For some parents in Hunterdon County, breaking news: Gay people exist. Start dealing with it.

A controversy erupted at Hunterdon Central Regional High School when the parents group Protect Your Children tried to push the district into removing LGBTQ books from the curriculum. Hundreds of people showed up at this tense school board meeting back in February. Interestingly though most parents supported the books being there.

So did Noelle O’Donnell, chair of the board's Equity, Racism and Diversity Committee. The controversy on top of the controversy? The face mask she wore had a rainbow on it.

Gasp! Heavens no!

So of course the same Neanderthal thinking that led to complaining about the books in the first place next led two women to file an ethics complaint over her wearing this.

There was all kinds of nonsense about her favoring one group over another (yeah, a group that historically is bullied by this very type of Neanderthal thinking and has a much greater suicide rate because of it) and being biased.

How insane that the head of the Equity, Racism and Diversity committee would wear a rainbow mask, right?

Thankfully this stupid ethics filing has blown up in the faces of the fools who tried it. The NJ School Ethics Commission has not only cleared O’Donnell they voted to fine the two dopes who brought the charge $100 each for filing a frivolous complaint.

The commission wrote that the complaint’s assertion that O’Donnell didn’t advocate for all students just by advocating for these students was “flawed, imprudent and insensitive,” as reported by

Further, "In today's culture and climate it is now more important than ever that all students feel included, and represented and (O'Donnell's) decisions were an attempt to support a particular group of students who felt threatened by an impending decision regarding curriculum and books.”

See? Gay people exist. Take a deep breath and put on your big girl pants. It’s going to be okay.

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