The NJ school year is arbitrarily set at 180 days. If they miss days due to weather events or otherwise, school is nearing 4th of July weekend before it ends. That is just way too long. Memorial Day weekend should be the cutoff. Most students, and parents for that matter, are checked out mentally by Memorial Day, so why drag it out?

Ideally, what I'd like to see is NJ shorten the school year. This isn't so kids just have more free time off to hang out with friends. The time off could be used as a maturation process for them and have the students get jobs. The alternative financial bounce to the economy from tourists could be huge!

Make it a longer school day and a shorter school year. Have the school year based on results and accountability, not standardized tests. Do away with the standardized tests, like PARCC and hold teachers accountable to grades in the classroom that are based soely on the curriculum.

I even put up a poll on Twitter about it, cast your vote below.

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