🏈Travis Dufner made a wager with 100,000 to 1 odds

🏈A former Rutgers player helped Dufner win his wager

🏈Dufner watched his win in silence when the last player scored

It's the outcome only dreamed about by sports bettors.

Millstone financial advisor Travis Dufner picked 14 players, including San Francisco 49er running back Christian McCaffrey and former Rutgers player Isiah Pacheco from Vineland, to each score a touchdown during the weekend’s NFL games using the Draft Kings app. The bet had 100,000 to 1 odds.

When McCaffrey scored in the second quarter of Monday night's game, Dufner was the winner of $489,378 and one cent. The moment he won while watching the game was captured on video.

Wearing a Santa jacket Dufner was speechless as his friends jumped around the room. When the extra point was good Dufner fell into his chair exclaiming "yes" and whimpering "oh my God" repeatedly.

14 players part of Travis Dufner's parlay
14 players part of Travis Dufner's parlay (@br_betting via X)

Dufner told Marketwatch.com he would put his winnings toward paying off his and his wife's student loans, make some car payments and do some investing.

He considers his knowledge of NFL statistics to be "superior"  and told Marketwatch he once turned a $10 bet into $14,000.  But he cautioned others about making bets with such high odds.

“In the long run, you’re not going to win,” Dufner told MarketWatch. “Don’t see this as a way to make money.”

CBS Sport reported some of his picks were long shots. Buffalo Bills wide receiver Gabe Davis had not made a catch since Nov. 26. Washington Commanders running back Chris Rodriguez Jr. had touched the ball 11 times on Sunday and scored just once.

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