🔴 Authorities have charged a Burlington City man with attempted murder

🔴 His victim has also been arrested in connection to the shooting

🔴 A grand jury will review the case to possibly indict both men

BURLINGTON CITY — A Burlington County man is charged with attempted murder and the man he nearly killed has been arrested as well, authorities say.

Shaun Causey, 36, of Burlington City is charged with first-degree attempted murder, second-degree unlawful weapon possession, second-degree weapon possession for an unlawful purpose, and second-degree certain persons not to possess weapons, the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office said.

Joseph Morris, 33, also of Burlington City is charged with second-degree unlawful weapon possession, fourth-degree possession of hollow point bullets, and fourth-degree possession of a large-capacity magazine.

Causey and Morris got into an argument at some point during the day of July 18, according to officials. They went their separate ways but saw each other again hours later.

Shaun Causey (Burlington County Prosecutor's Office)
Shaun Causey (Burlington County Prosecutor's Office)

Around 6 p.m., Causey opened fire on Morris along the 200 block of Barclay Street, prosecutors said.

Cops responded and found Morris alive on the ground. He had been shot at least twice in his chest and arm.

Two days later, the U.S. Marshals Service NY/NJ Fugitive Task Force arrested Causey. He was taken to Burlington County Jail where he remains in custody.

Joseph Morris (Burlington County Prosecutor's Office)
Joseph Morris (Burlington County Prosecutor's Office)

Then more than three weeks later on Aug. 9, Morris was arrested at his home on West Union Street. The street is just a few blocks from the scene of the shooting. Morris was released pending a court hearing.

Prosecutors said that they would prepare to bring the case before a grand jury. After reviewing the evidence, the grand jury will decide whether to indict the men.

Authorities have not revealed the cause of the dispute.

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