It great to see regular people in New Jersey get a voice.

We all know the facts about masks on kids, and anyone else for that matter. They do nothing to stop viruses, they create an unhealthy situation with bacteria and they have been used as a political tool to shame people based on junk science.

The worst part is politicians like Phil Murphy have used our kids as a tool in his power grab with zero regard for their physical and mental health.

Two Jersey lawyers are stepping up to fight back.

One of them, Bruce Afran, joined me on the show Wednesday morning to explain the suit against the governor.

After that, Dr. Craig Wax called in to talk about the medical side of things.

Here's an excerpt from the News Advisory:



Education and Health Commissioners Also Named in Suit By Parents and Students Challenging State's Power To Force Mask Wearing and Other Measures On New Jersey Schoolchildren


Suit Challenges Mask Mandates As Violations of Children's Speech And Privacy Rights


Attorney Bruce Afran and the plaintiffs will host a Zoom press conference on Wednesday, July 14th, at 10am to discuss the complaint, including the assertion that the State’s school mask mandate and COVID segregation policies violate students’ federally protected rights to speech, privacy and association.


The suit also seeks to bar mandatory Covid testing of schoolchildren without parental consent."

For more information, you can go to or contact Kelly Ford at If you want to donate to their GoFundMe, you can do that at

Here's the flyer with more information on the situation as well.

Courtesy of Patty Hoch
Courtesy of Patty Hoch

If you want to watch the Zoom press conference today at 10 A.M., you can click HERE.

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