First off, I have to apologize to all the legitimate Karens out there. Much like Felicia, your name got dragged down in the mud thanks to all the crazies out there.

So this story is about a parent that happens to display the characteristics of a Karen whose children go to school. Since the story is about her getting involved with the class, we'll call her Classroom Karen.

Classroom Karen is a parent of a first-grade student whose child happens to go to school with my friends' son. The first incident occurred last year in kindergarten.

Now, I'm going based on what I was told happened since my kids weren't part of this class. But what had unfolded back then clearly labeled this mom as someone who's going to be trouble down the road. We'll get to what happened recently in a bit. But first, let's talk kindergarten.

Hearing Impaired Students Have Additional Challenges In Hybrid Learning
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Last year the school's kindergarten classes were fully virtual, with the exception toward the end of the school year.

Now, as a parent that also went through virtual learning with two 5-year-olds, I can certainly say without a doubt that my wife and I were beyond frustrated at times. But we knew that there was a place and time to let our frustrations out, and in the classroom was not it.

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Enter Classroom Karen, who might've forgotten her outburst was streaming live in everyone else's homes.

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From what I understand, there was some sort of disagreement between Classroom Karen and the teacher, who understandably is also under a ton of pressure. All of us were.

But this outburst escalated into a bleep show with Classroom Karen cursing out the teacher and screaming at her, all while the camera was on for all the other parents to see.

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Not only that, but all the kids in the class had to witness that as well. Kindergarteners, nevertheless. And aside from that, I was also told that this parent often interrupted the class numerous times. I guess she just figured she knew more than the teacher and decided that was the place and time to show it.

Oh, but it gets better. We now know this wasn't just a one-off incident during the pandemic.


Earlier this week, a notice went out regarding a Halloween party for the first graders. It seemed nice, with crafts and decorations, and even some healthy decorated treats.

Some pictures were even shared of different foods and crafts to help get everyone into the spirit. It was more for inspiration than anything, and a great way to build excitement.


But Classroom Karen once again has to complicate everything and go off the loose end about artificial food coloring, saturated fats, ethical concerns about the food, and on and on it goes.

Male hand with its thumb down.

Now yes, there are legitimate issues with food allergies with some children, but replying all to a chain email going off on a rant once again is not the way to address your concerns.

Classroom Karen once again got her way to put a damper on something that should be fun and festive.

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I can't wait to hear stories of when Classroom Karen goes to a sporting event her kid is in. Even more so, I hope I get to witness it in real-time so I can finally see who this person is.

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And since Karen's tend to do things that aren't quite on the money, this is a perfect segway into some dumb internet activities. Just check out this list of dumb internet challenges that somehow are a thing. And as you're checking them out, ask yourself, What would Karen do?

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