New Jersey State Police are investigating the meaning of the tattoos on the neck of the trooper who went missing from a medical facility in Pennsylvania.

Jason Dare, a 20-year-veteran of the force from Cumberland County, walked away from the facility on March 16 and was found safe after four days.

New Jersey State Police released pictures of Dare with a tattoo covering his lowering neck that read "Blood Honor," a phrase associated with white supremacist groups, according to the ADL, although "honor" is usually spelled with a U.

According to an report, Dare's Facebook page showed him with iron cross tattoos and the head of a pitbull, an image the ADL said is used by Keystone State Skinheads/Keystone United, Pennsylvania’s most active white supremacist group.

Dare's social media is now private.

Blood and Honour tattoo information
Blood and Honour tattoo information (Canva)

"No room for hate"

State Police Superintendent Col. Patrick Callahan is aware of the concern about Dare's tattoos and said there is an internal investigation underway.

“I understand the importance of transparency and trust between law enforcement and the community, which is why we have enlisted the assistance of our law enforcement partners to conduct a thorough investigation," Callahan said. "There is no room for hate, prejudicial rhetoric, or divisive behavior in our organization, an organization that was built on our core values of honor, duty, and fidelity," Callahan said.

Dare is on administrative leave, according to Callahan.

Gov. Phil Murphy signed legislation in July requiring police in New Jersey to be licensed starting in 2024. Officers who are active in a group that advocates for violently overthrowing the government or make statements or social media posts that support discrimination or violence could have their license revoked.

Officers will have to renew their licenses every three years and could lose them if they’re convicted of a crime or multiple motor vehicle offenses for driving recklessly or while drunk or high.

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