Last month, New Jersey had its lowest unemployment rate ever recorded, 3.3%.

According to new data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it has dropped again, to 3.2%, the lowest monthly rate ever for the Garden State since 1976 when records first began.

Rob Asaro-Angelo, commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development, said we’re seeing a positive trend.

Private sector jobs declined more than they increased. The public sector added 2,300 jobs.

The unemployment rate among veterans in New Jersey has dropped to 1.1%.

Asaro-Angelo said since the low point of the Recession in 2010, “we’ve added 404,000 jobs in New Jersey. I think that the growth has been pretty consistent among different sectors.”

"We’ve seen continued growth in the education and health services sectors. Everyone knows healthcare is going to be an ever-increasing in New Jersey, the country and around the world.”

He said a positive sign for workers is everyday businesses and trade groups are coming to the state Labor Department and asking for assistance.

“They want help to fill the spots they have open. We’re working closely with our partners at Education and Higher Ed and the EDA, developing talent pipelines, programs, whether they be apprenticeship or on the job training," he said.

He noted if workers want to sharpen their job skills, they can visit for labor market information about what jobs are expanding and what credentials and skills are needed for those jobs.

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