💲The Department of Labor & Workforce found "multiple wage violations" for 5 workers

💲The subcontractor could be fined $5,000 per day until the matter is resolved

💲Superintendent Scott Rocco is confident the project will be done on schedule

HAMILTON (Mercer) — Work has been halted on track and field upgrades at a Mercer County high school after "multiple" wage violations were found during an inspection by the state Department of Labor and Workforce Development.

JFT Sports Group LLC of Pueblo, Colorado, a subcontractor on the project at Nottingham High School in Hamilton, was issued a stop-work order on August 14 following a routine site inspection. The inspection was part of a broader inspection initiative covering public works projects at schools, according to the department.

Five workers were affected by the order.

The violations include failure to pay a prevailing wage, unpaid wages and late payment and obstruction of the investigation during a routine visit. A dollar figure was not disclosed.

Work at Nottingham High School in Hamilton
Work at Nottingham High School in Hamilton (Jill Myra, Townsquare Media)

Problem being handled

Hamilton schools Superintendent Scott Rocco told New Jersey 101.5 that JCL was hired by the main contractor for a specific job as part of a turf installation project at Nottingham.

"The issue was immediately addressed and that subcontractor is working directly with the Department of Labor. It is our expectation that all contractors hold their subcontracts to New Jersey's laws and regulations associated with wages and contractual requirements," Rocco said in a statement.

"Only the turf installation at Nottingham was impacted when this occurred. We expect the project to be completed according to the timetable established at the start of this project."

JFT faces a potential $5,000 per day civil penalty fine until the matter is resolved. The company yet to request a hearing from DOOL whch has seven days to schedule it.

The order can be lifted if the issues are resolved and back wages paid.

"Stop-work orders are initiated by NJDOL to halt work being performed in a manner that exploits workers, or is otherwise noncompliant with state laws and regulations," according to the department.

The Labor Department ordered 27 Boston Market locations to cease operations on August 15 after finding the company owed more than $600,000 in wages to 314 workers across the state.

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