OK. New Jersey gyms were closed during this pandemic for what felt like forever. Many went out of business. Now they're allowed to be opened to 35% capacity. Whoopie!

But if you're trying to watch your calories in other ways during this pandemic, here's a Super Bowl ad right up your alley. Miller Lite is competing with Michelob Ultra for supremacy in the light beer category. So they're both running ads. Only Miller Lite at 96 calories is one calorie more than Michelob Ultra. What's Miller Lite to do?

In a genius move, they came up with a plan. A Super Bowl ad is promising 5,000 people free Miller Lite (through a Venmo payment) if they're the first to type out a bizarrely long URL. They say the act of typing out the ridiculously long URL will burn one calorie. (Hint: just sitting still in a chair for a full minute burns about one calorie, so...)

And they're being honest about it. Contained in their run-on URL they admit it is to distract you from seeing the other company's ad. You see, you have to type it in while their competitor's ad is playing. This is hysterical and a great, fun campaign. I want to buy the guy who came up with this a beer!

Here's the ad:

And here's the URL:

Screengrab: YouTube, Miller Lite
Screengrab: YouTube, Miller Lite

You want better ways to burn some calories in New Jersey?


Sit waiting after your gas pump clicks off until the attendant removes the pump. 5 minutes = 6 calories

Waiting through an average Newark Liberty International Airport flight delay. 24 minutes = 27 calories

Sitting on the beach listening to the entire Born To Run album. 39 minutes = 44 calories

Time spent waiting at NJ Motor Vehicle Commission. 60 minutes = 68 calories

Time spent waiting for property taxes to be lowered. Fuggetaboutit = infinity calories

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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