It'll soon be much easier to tell whether the New Jersey property you're about to buy or rent has had a damp past.

Following the rules of a law signed in June of this year, new measures announced by Garden State officials on Thursday include flood disclosure forms for prospective buyers and renters.

Beginning on March 20, landlords and property sellers will be required to use forms that detail the flood history of a property, so that folks can make a more informed decision on where they choose to live and be more aware of steps they may need to take in order to avoid a flooding disaster in the future.

The forms are available now on the Division of Consumer Affairs and Department of Community Affairs websites.

💧 Seller's Property Condition Disclosure Statement

💧 Rental Flood Risk Notice

"As we continue to live with the impacts of climate change in our communities, it's essential that we inform prospective homebuyers and renters on the risks in areas where they are looking to settle down," said Gov. Phil Murphy.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection says precipitation events and flooding are getting worse as a result of climate change. And too often, folks make decisions on where to live without having any knowledge of a property's flooding history.

Sellers and landlords were under no obligation to disclose such information prior to the adoption of this law.

The information that must be passed on to buyers and sellers must also include whether a property is located in a Flood Hazard Zone Area designated by the federal government.

The disclosures must be made prior to the signing of sales contracts, leases, and lease renewals.

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