It seems that we have been reporting on more and more house fires lately and maybe the "why" question is a topic for a day coming up. That said, one of the things that we have seen over this summer is it's often the case that Police Officers are the first on the scene.

This happened in Marlboro on August 1 when heavy smoke was reported coming out of the attic of a local home. The family in the home met responding officers outside the residence when they realized that one member of the household was still inside as the smoke billowed.

Imagine the sinking feeling and fear that would grip you realizing that you were a person short on the escape? Enter the hero cops on the scene.

Without hesitation Marlboro cops Donna Gonzalez and Ryan Anzalone rushed into the home and escorted the remaining household member to safety.

This is yet another example of the decisions that local cops have to make on a regular basis. Running toward flames. Running toward gunfire. Running toward danger to save the lives of innocents who they have never met.

As I have said for many, many years, being a member of law enforcement is more than a job, more than a career, it's a calling for public service.

We should be thankful every day that there are members of our community who have the courage and strength to step up and serve. Remember, there is a thin line between civilization and savagery — and that line is blue.

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