Bridgeton Police Officer Sean Peek died on Sunday, September 6 after the officer tried to save a life.

According to NBC, the 49-year-old, 15-year police veteran responded to a call involving an ambulance being struck by an object. After seeing a woman enter the nearby river, he did what cops do — he went in after her as the water was moving and it was not safe.

Turns out the woman got to the other side and is in custody as a burglary suspect. Sadly, the officer struggled with getting himself out of the water. Cops suspect it was that he was weighed down by his equipment and he passed away a few hours later.

It tells us many things about the life and commitment of cops. Officer Peek did not consider his own safety and even though it was possible that the woman in the water was the perp they were looking for, every life matters and he acted on instinct and training to save a life.

God bless Officer Peek and his family. Both his wife and 8-year-old daughter are now left without a husband and father and his #Blue family who will long remember Sean Peek’s heroism and dedication to duty.

Rest in peace, Officer. End of Watch 9/13/2020.

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