💻 A telework program for NJ employees is continuing
💻 It allows many state workers to work part-time from home
💻 The governor praises the program, says it helps NJ stay competitive

When the COVID pandemic started and the state of New Jersey was shut down, many businesses accelerated a trend that was already underway – they allowed their employees to work from home.

Now comes word the New Jersey Civil Service Commission has approved a motion to extend the Model Telework Pilot Program for state workers until June 30, 2024.

Helping NJ stay competitive

The program, which was established in April of 2022, was designed to help the public sector remain competitive with the private sector and attract top talent by continuing to provide flexibility for State employees while maintaining essential services and responding to the needs of constituents.

Fabio Principe
Fabio Principe

According to the governor’s office, the program, which gives state employees some flexibility to work from home on certain days, has resulted in increased employee productivity for many divisions.

“By all accounts, our pilot telework program has been successful in accelerating the modernization of State government to reflect the reality of the workplace today,” said Governor Murphy. “This experience has enhanced efficiencies and accelerated the development of many online services to improve the way we ultimately serve the public.”

Serving state employees

"The extension of the Model Telework Pilot is yet another way for the State of New Jersey and the Civil Service Commission to serve our State employees,” said Acting Chair and Chief Executive Officer of the New Jersey Civil Service Commission Allison Chris Myers.

She noted “the COVID-19 pandemic brought on many dramatic changes in the landscape of how and where we work. By extending the Model Telework Pilot Program, we are demonstrating how important it is to continue to adapt to these changes in order to attract and retain qualified State workers.”

Hearing impaired woman working with laptop

How does this work?

The pilot program’s general parameters for State departments and appointing authorities will remain the same. Parameters include:

• All departments and authorities are required to offer a telework program of no more than two working days per week based on operational need

• Appointing authorities should make available flextime schedules and/or alternate work programs for employees who are not eligible for telework when operational needs allow

• Employees are required to engage in an application process to determine eligibility. Both employees and managers are required to complete telework trainings as part of the approval process

• Significant discretion shall be given to appointing authorities to consider operational needs when determining telework schedules for eligible employees

• Each department is required to consult with relevant unions when developing their telework plans

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