Let there be no doubt that the riot and attack on the Nation's Capital was a disgraceful national embarrassment that should have never happened, and hopefully never happen again. But the lustful, over-reporting and overplaying of the event by the media and Democrat politicians is even more frightening. There was no armed insurrection. It was a relatively small, out-of-control group of zealous Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol Building out of frustration and desperation, possibly egged on by outside infiltrators and agitators.

New Jersey Congressman Josh Gottheimer D-NJ 5th District, looking to pile on and possibly make a name for himself, as he's want to do, is turning up the heat on anyone who would dare try to resist the will of the ruling class in the future. His proposed bill would double the penalty for insurrection to 20 years in prison. Perhaps it's a good idea, but this wasn't an insurrection, as much as the media and the Democrats want to label it as such.

There is never an excuse for political violence and destruction of property in our society. I agree with Gottheimer that as he said, "We are not a land of lawless thugs. If you attempt to overturn and overrun out democracy through violence or uprising you will pay the price." Where was Congressman Josh, the national mainstream media and other members congress when major cities throughout the nation burned for half of last year?

Federal buildings were attacked, state and municipal buildings and property were destroyed or burned to the ground, police officers were assaulted and killed along with dozens of innocent American citizens in the name of political and social unrest.  Major cities were trashed and police departments were ordered to stand down in many cases. Where was the lustful pursuit of justice to find everyone who was even in the crowd this past summer?

Every day we hear about another New Jersey resident who had any connection with law enforcement or military, being named or charged in the events of January 6. If they actually committed a crime, of course, prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. But the laws must be applied equally or we have a total breakdown of society, which we find ourselves pretty close to now.

In their pursuit of their selective justice, politicians, like Gottheimer, Democrat or Republican cannot extinguish the rights of one side to voice their frustration and protest in the name of their rights. It seems like we're looking to punish, not just those who would want to overthrow the government, but those with the wrong political affiliation or point of view. If that happens, that's when the real trouble could begin, and no sane person wants that.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis's own.

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