A little less than 1 million homes and businesses were still without power as of last night, compared with 2.7 million who lost their electricity at the height of Hurricane Sandy, but trouble could be headed our way. New Jersey is staring down the barrel of a nor'easter that could slam the state mid-week and put power restoration efforts into reverse.

Atlantic Ocean During Hurricane Sandy
Atlantic Ocean during Hurricane Sandy (Mario Tama, Getty Images)

"Yeah, they're forecasting a nor'easter to come on Wednesday that could have as high as 40-50 mile an hour winds and two to three inches of rain," said Governor Chris Christie as toured the flood ravaged city of Hoboken yesterday. "That would obviously be a huge pain, huge to what we're trying to do here."

Long lines remained the norm at many gas stations in central and northern New Jersey on Sunday, but drivers says their concerns over fuel were easing as more stations resumed operations across the state.

Christie says, "There is no gas shortage." The problem, he explains is many stations didn't have power so they couldn't pump gas, but as more and more stations get power, things will keep getting better A nor'easter could be a set back.

"I could do lots of things, I can't change the weather," says Christie. "We're preparing for it. We're hoping that it goes someplace else. The companies can't predict for us what it would do to restoration. They're going to just keep trying to restore it, but obviously if you have significant rain and wind we could wind up with similar kinds of problems that we had in the last storm."

Most drivers seem to be coping with the gas-rationing system imposed by Christie in 12 of the state's 21 counties, but many question whether it is needed. Many drivers admitted they were traveling to counties where the restrictions were not in place to get their gas.






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