The most recent rankings of America's largest businesses are out, and we're happy to report that one of the 50 largest is based right here in New Jersey.

Although to be clear, many of the retailers listed below have locations right here in The Garden State. The difference with one of them has to do with where they're headquartered.

Before we check out the list of all the businesses that made the top 50, there is one that will almost certainly drop in its rank in the coming days. And yes, that affects its New Jersey locations as well.

With Dollar Tree's recent announcement that it'll be shuttering around 1,000 stores, it might change its placement on the list down the road. Despite the closures, however, Dollar Tree will have a significant footprint here in The Garden State.

With that said, here's a look at all 50 retailers that rank as the largest in America, including the one that's headquartered here in New Jersey. Also, the number one store in the country shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone.

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These Are the 50 Biggest Retailers in America

We put together a list of the top 50 biggest retailers in America using retail sales data from Kantar, provided by the National Retail Federation. They were ranked by the dollar amount of retail sales they did in 2022.

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

ShopRite sign (Village Supermarket via Gov. Murphy's Office)
(Village Supermarket via Gov. Murphy's Office)

Congrats to ShopRite

Although this year was a bit more disappointing with only one New Jersey-based retailer making the top list, it is great to see Wakefern/ShopRite land the #28 spot. In fact, that's exactly where they placed in the previous ranks as well, making them consistent.

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Last time, however, there were also two New Jersey-based retailers, with one dropping off for this go. That store would be Burlington, which made the list at #47 in the past.

Burlington store logo
(Burlington store logo)

Although they didn't rank within the top 50 this time, Burlington is still a retailer New Jersey should be proud of, and have no doubt they'll re-enter the top 50 again in the near future.

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In some cases, workers may be offered back their jobs or transfers to different locations. 

Here’s a look at more than a dozen of the biggest announcements within two years.

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