POHATCONG — Neither police nor the Department of Environmental Protection believe that a Warren County man was attacked by a bear at his home.

"After investigation, the Pohatcong Police have concluded injuries sustained to the victim WERE NOT caused by result of a bear encounter. Although the victim maintains his account as to his injuries, his statement is not supported by the physical evidence," the department said Thursday online.

Polcie Chief Jeffrey Greenemeir did not return a message seeking comment.

The man, whose identity was not disclosed by police, reported that a bear was inside the porch of his home on Route 627 eating left over cat food on Wednesday morning. The man told  police he was swiped in the arm before the bear, who he said weighed between 450-500 pounds, ran off into a neighboring cornfield.

Spokesman Larry Hajna said the state Department of Environmental Protection has closed the case.

"We've determined that there's no evidence of a bear attack," .

Before police determined a bear was not involved, Mayor James Kern told 7 ABC that many residents were on edge and promised appropriate action would be taken if there was no bear involved. Thursday's message from police did not mention if any charges had been brought against the man.

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