If you have been struggling with sniffling and sneezing from seasonal allergies, you won't be happy to hear that the worst is upon us right now.

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We're in the middle of the tree pollen part of the spring and summer allergy season, and tree pollen counts are peaking, reaching up to 8,800 yesterday.

New Jersey allergy and asthma expert Doctor Leonard Bielory has good and bad news. The good news is some of the highest-pollinating trees, such as pines, are the least allergenic. The bad news?

"Right now we are 90 percent oak tree pollen, which is highly allergenic."

He says the worst of the tree pollen will likely manifest itself in the next few days.

We have all seen that green haze on cars. That's pollen and it a big problem for allergy victims. Bielroy advises sufferers to limit their outdoor exposure right now. If they jog or exercise outside, do so in the early morning or evening.