Dave Hurban is a tattoo artist from Newfield in Gloucester County. As such, he's no stranger to strange. He has a passion for ink, body piercings, and apparently for one day becoming a cyborg. He's well on his way after deciding to embed four magnets in his wrist so that he can attach an iPod Nano to himself without having to strap it on. He calls the project iDermal and you can watch the creation below.  

The magnets are called micro-dermal anchors and in body piercing they're quite common. You can watch as he does all the work himself; the measuring, the embedding, of course the bleeding, and the finished product. He says it works great. He can attach his iPod to his body and run with it, flail his arms, workout, and it never comes off until he wants it to.

So many questions. Is going through airport security an issue? I mean how do you explain four pieces of metal sticking out of your arm? Does he ever wake up in the morning stuck to his other body piercings? Also, what do you do when Apple changes the design and the size/shape in the future? Apparently Dave's not worried about that. The Zen-master tattoo artist wanted to do it because he lives in the 'now'. I don't care when you're living. This is freaky. Check out the video below. Warning, if you're squeamish about blood, there is some.