NEWARK — A renowned gospel singer was charged with criminal sexual contact after he allegedly lured a Congolese national to his home with the promise of helping him get a job with NJ Transit.

Albert Lewis Jr., 75,  introduced himself to the 41-year-old man in January and instructed him to go to an address for more information, Acting Essex County Prosecutor Theodore Stephens said. That address turned out to Lewis' home, where he told the man to disrobe in order to perform a physical exam in order to make sure he was "fit for the job," according to Stephens.

Lewis then committed "an act of criminal sexual contact" on the man. He was also charged with unlicensed practice of medicine and luring of an adult and taken into custody on Tuesday.

He was released pending trial.

Albert Lewis Jr.
Albert Lewis Jr.(Wgma NJ via Facebook)

A major player in Newark's gospel community

Lewis is founder of the World Gospel Musical Association of New Jersey, which is located on a street named in his honor, Dr. Albert J. Lewis Jr. Way. He was inducted into the International Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2004.

The 7th annual "When Praises Go Up! Gospel Showcase" in 2017 hosted by Lewis honored Newark Ras Baraka "for his fortitude in not only supporting but championing the economic and social impact arts and culture has played in Newark's cultural history."

RLS Metro Breaking News reported that Lewis was also organizing a "citywide gospel music extravaganza" for Baraka's re-election campaign.

The mayor's office on Friday morning did not respond to New Jersey 101.5's request for more information.

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