💗 Dr. Max Gomez television career spanned 40 years with three New York stations

💗 "Dr. Gomez was deeply loved and respected in our newsroom," CBS New York said

💗 Funeral arrangements have not been announced


Longtime New York medical reporter Dr. Max Gomez died Saturday after a long illness at the age of 72.

Gomez, who moved to the U.S. from Cuba with his family, graduated from Princeton University and earned a doctorate degree from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine. He is father to Max Gomez IV and Katie Gomez.

He began his 40-year television career with CBS Philadelphia before heading to New York and Fox 5. He moved to NBC 4 New York and then joined CBS New York in 1994. Gomez returned to NBC 4 New York in 1997 and rejoined CBS New York in 2007 where he was on the air during the pandemic.

Gomez earned nine Emmy Awards in New York and Philadelphia, three New York State Broadcasters Association awards and UPI’s Best Documentary award.

Dr. Max Gomez
Dr. Max Gomez (Provenzano Lanza Funeral Home)

Loved and respected

"Dr. Gomez was deeply loved and respected in our newsroom, by medical professionals he worked with, patients who shared their stories with him and our viewers," CBS New York said in its story about Gomez's death. "He was our in-house consultant for whatever ailed us, eager to help, genuinely concerned and never thought twice about going the extra mile."

Funeral arrangements have not been announced. Donations in Gomez's memory can be made to the Cura Foundation whose mission is to improve human health and well-being, and increase the quality of life, globally. He was a foundation trustee.

Donations will go towards providing meals for kids to reduce food insecurity and support research on Alzheimer's disease, cancer and heart disease.

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