Officer Jovanny Crespo was indicted this week by a grand jury for aggravated manslaughter. I already asked you to watch the original video where Crespo shoots into a fleeing car. He says it was because as he ran up to the vehicle a gun inside that car was pointed right at him. Both the driver and passenger were hit and the driver died. The passenger was later charged with possession of a gun with hollow point bullets. The president of the Newark FOP is vehemently defending Crespo’s actions.

Check out the newly released video from above that adds to the story. It is from the body cam of the officer that first stopped the suspect vehicle before it fled and before the chase began. Notice she calls out a police code 646. According to this website of Newark NJ police codes, that’s a code for weapon recovery. Also notice how suspiciously the driver was acting. He wouldn’t comply with lawful orders given then initiated the police chase by taking off speeding away from the traffic stop.

So you had a police chase where a gun had apparently been spotted in the car you’re chasing, and a sworn officer’s word that a gun was aimed at him, then a person inside that car later being charged with possession of a gun. There is no reason this officer should be convicted of any crime given this information.

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