QSR Magazine did a drive thru study to determine which fast food restaurant chain is the friendliest. Which one leaves you with warm and fuzzy service and puts a smile on your face.

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The factors in determining the friendliest fast-food restaurant were customer service, order accuracy and speed of service. I was pleasantly surprised at the results of this survey.


There have been times when the drive thru crew at your favorite fast-food joint has been on their games and other times you look around for cameras because you think you're being punked.


There is nothing more irritating than waiting in line to order your food, going over your order with the commander behind the mic several times, waiting longer than getting and paying for your order only to pull away and find that the order is wrong. Too late to turn around, the line is too long and you don’t want to be late for your next appointment. So, you suck it up but it’s embedded in your head for the rest of the day.

Ordering fast food shouldn’t be an Olympic event. It should be filled in a timely manner and it should be correct.

Here are the results starting with the least friendly to the friendliest: 

Tom Dubanowich, Wendys

10. Wendy’s scored a friendly and most pleasant score of only 44% and placed dead last with an 85% score on accuracy of order. They are also scored sixth in the survey for making customers wait 341 seconds for their food.             

Burger King restaurant in Los Angeles (AP Photo/Nick Ut, File)


9. Burger King scored a 47.3% in friendliest but the King scored an amazing 97% for getting orders correct, apparently you really can have it your way at Burger King! They score 7th for speedy service by taking an average of 359 seconds to fill your order. Yeah but at least it’s correct.       

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8. Arby’s scored a 47.6% percent in putting a smile on your face but 5% of the customers said that the “service was downright rude”. They got the beef by coming in at 8th in waiting for your orders at 374 seconds and were 4th overall in order accuracy.     

Dunkin Donuts Ocean City - Photo: Google Maps


7. Dunkin Donuts scores 55.5% in friendliest service coming in at number 7. As for order accuracy Dunkin ranks 6th and ranks 4th in getting your order to you in an average of 295 seconds, just under 5 minutes.         

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6. KFC comes in at number 6th as the friendliest place to drive thru and scores 7th place for order accuracy. However, they rank high in getting you through the line, coming in at number 2 with your order in your car by an average of only 272 seconds which is just about 4 and a half minutes. Not bad for the colonel

Taco Bell restaurant (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

5. Taco Bell, there’s good news and some bad news with Taco Bell. They rank 5th in friendly service with a 60% ranking and they rank first in getting your order to you within an average of 268 seconds. The bad news is that they may be fast but chances are your order may be wrong, ranking second to last place in accuracy at only 86.7% of the time

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4. McDonalds scores a 66.6% friendliest for 4th place but they only have a 91% accuracy of order. They rank close to 5th in speed of service with an average wait for your food at 311 seconds.

Starbucks on Blackwood Clementon Road in Gloucester Township (Google Street View)

3. Starbucks ranks pretty good in putting a smile on your face with friendly service but you have to wait over 407 seconds for your order. They also rank in the middle of the group with a 93% accuracy in getting your order right.

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2. Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s are very respectable for great service with a 79.2% which ranks them 2nd out of all their fast-food counterparts. They continue with strong showings ranking 3rd in both accuracy and speed of service.

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1. Chick-fil-A was found to be the friendliest fast-food drive-thru in all the land coming in at number 1 at 85.7%. There’s more good news and bad news for the chicken outlet, they scored an incredible 100% in order accuracy for a big number 1 in that category but they were dead last in speed of service, dead last with a whopping average of 541 seconds which is 9 minutes. You know what they say: good things happen to those who wait.

Enjoy your fast food and know you have a scorecard to see how your favorite Jersey fast food drive thru shapes up.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 weekend host Big Joe Henry. Any opinions expressed are Big Joe’s own.

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