Almost thought I was misreading the news this morning.

Nearly 7,000 dog attacks on our men and women in the U.S. Postal service? Outrageous.

I am a huge advocate for people owning dogs, especially for self and home protection, but that comes with a big responsibility. If you have a mailbox that is at your porch, front door or otherwise inside the boundary of your property it's up to you to make sure your letter carrier isn't attacked by the beast in your yard.

Perhaps it's time to expand the dog licensing procedure to include a training certificate for a dog. Maybe you get some tax credit for the cost. Something that will ensure the safety of our postal workers. The attacks last year alone numbered more than 6,700. That's about 19 attacks EVERY day. Far too many for this problem to be ignored.

On a personal note, we have a new letter carrier since we moved. We also have a dog that has been living away with relatives while we moved and renovated. Let me assure you Cleveland, Cali is friendly, but to be sure, she'll be inside and out of your way when you drop off those Amazon packages on Sunday!

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