🚂 NJ Transit has launched a campaign to help riders learn their ABCs

🚂 Riders should know their normal route's alternate

 🚂 Always have a Plan B

NEWARK — If you don’t know your ABCs, NJ Transit wants to help.

The nation’s largest statewide public transportation system is launching a campaign called “Know Your ABCs,” which encourages customers to be familiar with their “alternates, backups and contingencies” in case of a disruption during their normal route.

For example, if a customer normally takes the train from Penn Station New York to New Jersey, they are encouraged to also know which bus routes from the Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York could be an alternative.

Over the past several years, NJ Transit has been working diligently to improve the reliability of the system through numerous capital improvements,” said New Jersey Department of Transportation Commissioner and NJ Transit Board Chair, Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti.

Dan Alexander/Townsquare Media
(Dan Alexander/Townsquare Media)

But in the event of a disruption, it’s always good for customers to be aware of a plan B, and practice that alternate route should they need to use it, she added.

While major service disruptions are not that common, NJ Transit President and CEO Kevin Corbett said the “Know Your ABCs” campaign empowers riders to proactively navigate an unplanned disruption to their commute.

Customers should visit here for resources to help guide them through finding the alternates, backups, and contingencies that are right for them.

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