New Jersey's new LGBTQ curriculum has been under fire since it began. Many parents object to it being taught to their children in the public schools that are supported by their tax dollars. State Senator Robert Auth, who proposed that parents should be able to opt their children out of the courses, is now saying that the state should pay to send the children whose parents object to courses being forced on their children.

The solution here is simple. Why not offer the LGBTQ curriculum as an elective? This way parents who don't object can let their children learn the history of the LGBTQ community and those who's parents object for religious reasons, or any reasons they may have, can choose for their children to learn something else. Maybe they can take a shop class or perhaps another class in a subject that they are weak in.

The idea of having parents opt their children out of the class and do nothing defeats the purpose of what school's about. To learn something. One thing they can learn by making the LGBTQ curriculum an elective is that we have the freedom of choice. Isn't that what America's all about?

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