MADISON — New Jersey residents are overwhelming against Brett Kavanaugh becoming the next United States Supreme Court justice, according to a new poll.

The new Farleigh Dickinson Public Mind poll showed 49 percent of those asked were against his confirmation, while 32 percent are in favor. Likely voters in November voters disapproved of Kavanaugh by 53-38 percent.

Although the poll of 805 voters was taken following last Thursday's hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee — where both Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford were questioned about Ford's allegations of sexual abuse — many of those asked already made up their minds before the hearing.

“Even though the testimony last week was followed by a majority of those with whom we spoke, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s and Judge Kavanaugh’s appearances did little to change minds," said Krista Jenkins, director of the poll and a professor of politics at Fairleigh Dickinson University.

"When we look at those who were interviewed before Ford and Kavanaugh appeared before the Senate and after Ford’s allegations came to light, and compare their responses to those who were interviewed after last week’s testimony, about the same numbers said they either support or reject the Kavanaugh nomination."

Support for Kavanaugh is strong among Republican voters, with 77 per cent supporting his confirmation. President Donald Trump's supporters favor his nomination by a similar margin. Democrats are against his nomination by a similar margin.

“The Supreme Court, long considered insulated from partisan affairs, is no longer. People are looking at what’s going on and appear to be influenced by their partisan leanings, as well as their opinions of the president," Jenkins said.

The poll had a margin of error of 3.8 percent.

The FBI is conducting a week long investigation of Ford's allegations with a vote on Kavanaugh's confirmaton scheduled for next week.

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