Lets face it: the Garden State is a commuter state. As "active adults," we spend (too) much of our time on the road...and our roads are "littered" with cautionary signs.  Here are just a few (with comment) that we (may) overlook on a daily basis!

Obey the rider. (Craig Allen photo)

Yes, when on the Jersey roads...you may find an equestrian...and you should follow the rider's lead...

Watch for the bus...maybe the "short bus." (Craig Allen photo)

Of course, you're more likely to see the sign above...and those below:

Watch for cars pulling out of hidden driveways! (Craig Allen photo)

And, some "hidden drive" signs themselves may be...well...hidden!

QUICK...read this one...at 35 mph! (Craig Allen photo)

How about this one...

And, from this perspective, the sign hides some of the hill. (Craig Allen photo)

And, ON that hill...

...is a Truck. (Craig Allen photo)
And, in "drive time," the cars move slowly, too... (Craig Allen photo)
This "crossroad" sign is a..."plus." (Craig Allen photo)
An "age-ist" sign...must you be 15 to go left? (Craig Allen photo)
You come up with an amusing description for this one.... (Craig Allen photo)
Seriously...got your helmet? (Craig Allen photo)
Meaning...What? Bring your own power supply? (Craig Allen photo)

Some drivers might be surprised to see this one in New Jersey, too...

"Old McDonald HAS a farm..." (Craig Allen photo)

Here's one that is uniquely Jersey:

The New Jersey "Circle!" This sign is at the Pennington Circle. (Craig Allen photo)

The famous Jersey Circle...that so-confuses out-of-state drivers...is becoming somewhat of an endangered species...

Squeeze Play! (Craig Allen photo)
Shocking! Only ONE "bump in the road?" (Craig Allen photo)

Really, Jersey "feels" more like "Pothole U-S-A!" See the proof below...

More than one bump! (Craig Allen photo)

And, like the potholes, Jersey deer are everywhere!

"Bambi Area." (Craig Allen photo)

And...how about signs that warn you to look for signs!

A sign...for a sign. (Craig Allen photo)

Lets bring this cautionary road sign "tour" to a "STOP" with one you'll never see in Jersey...

"Intercourse, Pennsylvania"...of course! (Craig Allen photo)

...unless we go overwhelmingly Amish.

What interesting "caution" signs have you seen?

That's the END...for now! (Craig Allen photo)