New Jersey millennials may be sad to hear that the Garden State isn't the best place to be. A new Wallethub study found that New Jersey is ranked 40 out of 51 states for quality of life among millennials.

When asked why New Jersey was ranked so low, Wallethub stated that housing difficulties were a key factor.

"Forty-five percent of millennials are still living with their parents, that is what really dragged New Jersey down," said Jill Gonzalez, a analyst for Wallethub.

New Jersey has the highest amount of millennials who still live with their parents, according to the report. Additionally, Wallethub notes that New Jersey has the third highest housing costs in the country, with California and Hawaii being second and first respectively.

"Given that housing is pretty unaffordable for anyone, especially millennials, along with the cost of living, I would say that's no surprise there." said Gonzalez.

The top four states for millennials are North Dakota, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Iowa, respectively. According to Wallethub, this is due to incredibly affordable housing prospects in the Midwest.

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