The Northeast in general and New Jersey in particular have the reputation of being rather rude. A new study out says that while New Jersey isn’t the least polite state, we’re number two.

The survey was done by Preply, a language instruction site, and it asked respondents about both behaviors and words that are used to convey politeness; think of holding the door for someone or saying “please” and “thank you.”


Some of the reasons we scored so poorly:

⚫ Only 24 percent of residents compliment others at least once a week- I think 24% is pretty good; how often do you randomly compliment someone?

⚫ 33 percent of residents report using offensive language regularly-Ok, I’m shocked it’s only 33% using rough language

Townsquare Media illustration
Townsquare Media illustration

⚫ Only 53 percent of residents regularly say "please" and "thank you"- This one’s kind of embarrassing

⚫ Only 51 percent of residents send "thank you" notes after receiving gifts- You can

just send an email now.
⚫ New Jersey is the state that thinks it's the least important to be a courteous driver- This fact is on display every day on roads across the Garden State.

Apparently, Southern hospitality isn’t just a myth; the top six most polite states are all below the Mason-Dixon Line.

Arkansas is the most polite state, followed by Georgia, Alabama, S. Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky.

You’re probably wondering that if New Jersey is only the second rudest state, who’s ahead of us? It’s not New York (they’re just behind us). No, I was rather surprised, but the least polite state is Nevada. I was surprised since their largest city is built on hospitality, but I guess they have the right to be rude like the rest of us.

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