Senate President Steve Sweeney has NJ businesses in his cross hairs again for yet more of their hard earned money. He wants to increase the business tax rate from 9% to 11.5% on companies with more that $1 million in profits to fund NJ Transit. Why should you care? Because businesses are fleeing the state, just like the over taxes residents and going to more business and tax friendly states. That's not good for the economy or job prospects for you or your children or the future of this state.

But the people in Trenton don't care. They have theirs and they're not worried about their future with their state pensions in place. The majority of them never ran a payroll or signed a paycheck and never created a single job or opportunity. They're parasites who feed off their host...YOU! They don't seem too care all that much that their killing us off slowly by driving more and more productive people and businesses elsewhere. But hey, they've been getting away with it for at least a generation now. So they figure, many of us suckers are still here, why stop feeding off them?

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