There is legislation in New Jersey to treat lingering drones the same way peeping Toms are treated when it comes to privacy. NJSpotlight reports that, under the legislation, drones that hover over private property, just as if a person were physically there without the owner’s permission, would be outlawed.

The law would also cover drones that photograph or videotape someone when they should have a reasonable expectation of privacy. Under the proposed law, it would be a fourth degree offense for observing someone who has a reasonable expectation of privacy or hovering over a dwelling or school, and a more serious, third degree offense for photographing or recording someone without their permission, again when a reasonable person would expect not to be observed.

Exceptions are made for accidental or educational incidents assuming they were lawful in the first place. Fourteen legislators have co-sponsored the bill, which is slated to go to the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee.

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