When you drop your kids off at day care this morning, how sure are you that the people who will care for them don't have a violent criminal past? http://nj1015.com/nj-moves-toward-background-checks-for-family-day-care-providers/

The state will resume work on a section of Route 70 in Cherry Hill this morning. http://nj1015.com/work-on-route-70-in-cherry-hill-resumes-monday/

The ground was shaking in Morris Plains this past weekend, after a small earthquake. http://nj1015.com/small-quake-reported-in-morris-county-saturday/

New Jersey used to have a nursing shortage. That ended during the Great Recession, but the problem is now starting to resurface. http://nj1015.com/is-new-jersey-facing-a-new-nursing-shortage/


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